Are there any refunds?

No: There are no refunds.

Is support included?

Unfortunately not. The course is only available for sale without support. That’s also why there is no monthly fee. However, you can purchase email coaching for $15 per question.

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes: You will have lifetime access.

Is gold (XAUUSD) covered in the course?

No: Gold has different price levels and a different strategy, which we cover for free on our YouTube channel. Our course covers forex currency pairs only.

Is your strategy a day trading strategy?

Yes: Our Forex Price Levels Strategy is a day trading strategy. Day trading signifies that you enter and exit trades within the same day. We highly recommend day trading as compared to any other style of trading.

Do you recommend any indicators?

Not anymore. Although some indicators (such as pivot points) are excellent, our Forex Price Levels Strategy (without any indicators) is simpler and more accurate.

What did I do wrong with my trade?

Nothing. Sometimes the market will simply go against your trades. That’s the unavoidable risk of trading.

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