Forex Price Levels

The Ultimate Secret to Forex

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Price Levels

Forex Price Levels

Instructor: Arty

Currency pairs move from level to level. If you know the specific prices of these levels, you can simply trade from level to level. You don’t need any indicators or a fancy strategy to be a good trader. Why do you think most traders fail, even after mastering price action patterns and indicators? It’s because they don’t know and they don’t apply the concept of Price Levels. The concept of Price Levels is the single most important thing you need to know. It’s more important than price action patterns. It’s more important than any indicator. It’s the ultimate secret to forex.

There Are 2 Major Forex Price Levels

Currency pairs have two major Price Levels. One major level is known as Figures. Figures are prices that end in double zero’s (00). As a freebie, I show you many examples of the trades I take at Figures on my YouTube channel. However, there is another major Price Level that is equally as important. Half of my trades I take at Figures, the other half I take at the other major Price Level, which I disclose in the course. Many days there might not be setups available at Figures, but there might be great setups available at the other major Price Level. It’s just as important to know the other major Price Level, otherwise you’ll be missing out on half of these excellent trades.

What You Will Learn

Aside from learning all of the major Price Levels, it’s of greater importance that you learn the concept behind Price Levels. I don’t want you to only look for patterns to trade at these Price Levels. I want you to go one step further and understand conceptually what is happening at these Price Levels. Once you learn the concept, you will better understand the right direction of where prices are headed. The course will also show you how to properly trade from one major Price Level to the other major Price Level. Knowing all of the Price Levels, the concept, and examples of how I trade from level to level, is exactly what you will learn from this course.

Master The Market Direction Without Indicators

The single most important skill you can develop as a forex trader is to know the right direction of where prices are headed on a daily basis. This is where most traders fail. The only way to truly master the daily market direction is by learning the concept of Price Levels. You can add all the indicators you want later, but you need to learn Price Levels first. Without applying the concept of Price Levels, no strategy will work well in the long run, because you won’t fully understand how the daily market direction works. It’s only in your benefit to learn the concept and apply it. The sooner you learn the concept of Price Levels, the sooner you will start to trade forex correctly.


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