How To Beat The Market Maker

Who is The Market Maker?

Before we explain how to Beat The Market Maker, let’s first help you understand who the notorious Market Maker is and why do we even want to beat them in the first place. Quite simply, the Market Makers are the entities that created the Forex Market. Without Market Makers, the Forex Market would not exist for retail traders, like yourself, to trade foreign currencies online. Market Makers also provide the liquidity for retail traders to execute forex trades. You can think of them like a casino. The Market Maker built their casino for customers to come inside, gamble, and to ultimately lose their money. Similarly, just like a casino was designed to take your money, the Forex Market was designed to take your money as well. Market Makers did not create the Forex Market to give you money. They created the Forex Market to take your money. That’s why 90% of retail traders lose. That’s the truth and that’s the reason why you need to know how to Beat The Market Maker.

How Do You Actually Beat The Market Maker?

The only way to Beat The Market Maker is to trade exactly in the direction of their own trades. In simpler terms, if Market Makers are trading Up, then you should be trading Up. If Market Makers are trading Down, then you should be trading Down. Now, the hard part is figuring out whether they are trading Up or Down. Market Makers move prices either Up or Down with a specific system of Levels. Once you understand their system of Levels, it will help you predict the correct direction of price better, whether Up or Down. Also after learning the Levels system, you will have a better understanding of where the perfect entry is, as Market Makers are moving prices to the next Level. Strategy 2 of our Forex Mastery Course specifically focuses on this exact methodology.

Understanding The General Market Direction Better

Most Forex traders, especially those that are brand new to Forex, have a very difficult time understanding the general market direction. Many traders simply don’t understand whether price is going Up or Down. This confusion was deliberately created by Market Makers and this is exactly why you need to learn how to Beat The Market Maker. The good news is there is one particular indicator that can help you learn how to predict the direction of price better. In addition to this indicator, it’s also very important to learn the 3 different strategies to utilize with this indicator. Once you know this information, then you will understand the general market direction better. That particular indicator plus the 3 strategies are disclosed in our Forex Mastery Course.

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