Beat The Market Maker

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Beat The Market Maker

What Is A Market Maker?

Before we explain the best method and strategy on how to Beat The Market Maker, let us first help you understand what a Market Maker is. Quite simply, a Market Maker is a person or company that has enough buying power to move the market. When a Market Maker places a very large Buy or Sell order, the market literally moves in the direction of their trade. It’s pretty awesome to have that kind of buying power, unless it’s maliciously used.

Beat The Market Maker Conspiracy Theory

Rumor has it that some Forex Market Makers drive the price in the opposite direction first, tricking retail traders to place orders in the wrong direction, only to reverse the price in the exact opposite direction. Profits are maximized this way for the Market Makers. We want to make it very clear that these are just rumors, so it may or may not be true. However, this is how the term Beat The Market Maker came about. Some people believed that Market Makers are tricking us, so we need to beat them at their own game. Visually on a chart, these Market Maker “tricks” are simply Reversal Patterns. Does this signify that all or some Reversal Patterns are merely tricks by Market Makers? Well, that is definitely up for debate. In reality, these could just be regular Reversal Patterns created by the natural market environment. Regardless, we’ve never had to worry about this issue, because we’ve always used Reversal Patterns to enter into our trades anyway. Therefore, whether or not these Reversal Patterns are artificially created by Market Makers or naturally created by the market, we are free and clear of the Beat The Market Maker conspiracy theory.

How Do You Beat The Market Maker?

In truth, there is no way to actually Beat The Market Maker, unless you can drop billions of dollars against their trades. If the Beat The Market Maker rumors are true, then the only thing you can realistically do is to not get tricked by Reversal Patterns. As we mentioned earlier, some people claim that Market Makers deliberately create these Reversal Patterns, but it really doesn’t matter if they do or not. The only thing that matters is for you to utilize these Reversal Patterns as part of your strategy. If you didn’t already know, Reversal Patterns have always been and still are the absolute best method of entering into trades, regardless of Market Makers. More specifically, you want to identify multiple Reversal Patterns at major Price Levels. Indicators are completely unnecessary. With our Beat The Market Maker Strategy, you don’t need to worry about how to Beat The Market Maker, because our strategy already incorporates Reversal Patterns at major Price Levels. This is the most correct method on how to trade forex anyway, regardless of any conspiracy theories.